Why Middle School Counselors?

Why Middle School Counselors?
Middle School is an exciting; but challenging time for students, their parents and their teachers.  The transition from childhood to adolescence can be characterized as:
     - A need to explore a variety of interests
     - Connecting learning in the classroom to practical life experiences
     - High levels of activity, frequent fatigue, and rapid growth
     - A search for their own unique identity as they frequently turn more to their peers rather than parents for ideas and affirmation
     - Extreme sensitivity to the comments from others
     - A heavy reliance on friends to provide comfort, approval, and understanding
Middle School Counselors Implement
the Counseling Program by Providing
School Guidance Curriculum:
     - Academic skills support
     - Organizational, study and test-taking skills
     - Education in understanding self and others
     - Coping strategies
     - Peer relationships and effective social skills
     - Communication, problem-solving, decision-making and conflict resolution
     - Career awareness, exploration and planning
     - Substance abuse education
     - Multicultural/diversity awareness
Individual Student Planning:
     - Goal-setting/decision-making
     - Academic planning
     - Career planning
     - Education in understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses
     - Transition planning
Responsive Services
     - Individual and small group counseling
     - Individual/family/school crisis intervention
     - Peer facilitation
     - Consultation/collaboration
System Support
     - Professional development
     - Consultation, collaboration and teaming
     - Program management and operation
(Adapted from the American School Counselor Association)