Fairforest Cheerleading

 Fairforest Middle School Cheerleading Constitution

The purpose of this sport shall be to promote and uphold school spirit, to develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students, to build a better relationship between schools during athletic events, and, most importantly, to promote cheerleading as a sport.


  1. Attendance to all practices, team meetings, games, team activities, etc. is mandatory. Each cheerleader may have 3 absences total. After 3 absences (excused or unexcused) the cheerleader will be dismissed from the squad. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated if the need arises.
  2. A cheerleader must be present 180 minutes (1/2 a school day) to be counted at school in order to practice or cheer at a game. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. In case of illness, the cheerleader shall present the coach a WRITTEN note from the parent the first day she returns to school.
  4. Doctor and dental appointments should not be scheduled on practice or game days.
  5. Cheerleaders must attend practice the day before a game or pep rally in order to participate.

Practice Rules

  1. Promptness, positive attitudes, and cooperation are essential for a productive practice.
  2. All cheerleaders are to wear practice clothes: t-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, hair in a pony tail, and no jewelry (NO SHORTS ARE TO BE ROLLED UP AT ALL, EVER!!)
  3. Fingernails must be kept at an appropriate length, which means if you can see them from the palm side, they must be cut. Only clear nail polish will be allowed at games, events, etc.


  1. On all trips, every cheerleader must return home on the bus with the rest of the team unless a parent signs their daughter out at the game. No parent may take home any child except his or her own, unless arranged with the coach prior to the game.
  2. Parents, please pick your cheerleader up at the appropriate time after practice and games. If you are 10 minutes late, it will count as one tardy toward your cheerleader. Two tardies and the cheerleader will be dismissed from the squad.

Attitude and Leadership

  1. Cheerleaders are expected to behave in a way that reflects pride and dedication to FMS cheerleading. If a cheerleader misbehaves at an event, the coach, based on circumstances, will take appropriate action. This may include, but is not limited to sitting out, parent conference, suspension, or dismissal.
  2. Cheerleaders are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times.
  3. There will be no physical contact with a member of the opposite sex while in uniform. Cheerleaders will not exhibit public displays of affection during any cheerleading activity. In this case, the cheerleader will be benched for one game and loose 5 demerits.
  4. Inappropriate attitude or comments will not be tolerated at practice or at games. LEAVE PROBLEMS AT THE DOOR!
  5. Everyone is to treat all teachers, administrators, and coaches with the proper respect. Actions and attitudes that are detrimental to team unity and team morale will be dealt with accordingly.
  6. If any teacher sends a bad report to the coaches about a cheerleader, the cheerleader will be benched for one game.


  1. Uniforms or any part of the uniform, including shoes, will be worn to school only on the day of a game or at another approved school function.
  2. Excellent care must be taken of the uniforms at all times. It is the responsibility of each cheerleader to care for her uniforms.
  3. Cheerleaders will be uniformly dressed at all times.
  4. At the end of each cheerleader's season, it is her responsibility to dry clean each uniform before returning it to the school.


  1. It is the cheerleader's duty to keep up with her grades and remain in good standing. A cheerleader must be passing ALL of her classes with a C or better.
  2. If a cheerleader is failing a class, she will be benched until she can pull up the grade. While the cheerleader is benched, she is required to come to all practices and games and work on schoolwork in order to pull up her grade.
  3. ALL interims must be shown to the coach. If the cheerleader's grades are not all Cs or better on the interim, she has until report cards are issued to pull the grade up. If the grades are not improved to meet requirements, the cheerleader will be dismissed.
  4. If a cheerleader receives a D on her report card, she will be dismissed from the squad.
  5. Grades are the MOST important, cheerleading comes second!!!

Disciplinary Action

  1. After School and Lunch Detention: The cheerleader will be benched for a game.
  2. ISS (In School Suspension): 1st Offense: Benched for one game, 2nd Offense: Benched for two games, 3rd Offense: The cheerleader will be dismissed from the squad.
  3. OSS (Out of School Suspension): 1st Offense: Benched for the game you missed due to OSS and the following game, 2nd Offense: The cheerleader will be dismissed from the squad.