Faculty Directory


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Phone Extensions and Room Numbers



Mr. Dean Ledford,Principal
Mr. Darrell Belgrave, Asst Principal
Mrs. Angela Dewart, Asst Principal
Mrs. Jessica Woodson, Asst Principal


Carrie Duello, STEAM Coordinator
Diane Cody, Office Manager

Yahaira Rosario, Attendance Manager

Tamara Cole, School Nurse

Andrew Smith, Resource Officer
Russel Evans, Custodial Manager

Support Staff

Malinda Cox, Guidance Counselor

Carol Stone, Guidance Counselor

Rett Fowler, Career Counselor

Brittany Figueroa, Guidance Clerk
Luz Bermeo, Counselor

Eshauna Lewis, Counselor
Shannon Hunter, Psychologist


Felice Vigil, Media Specialist

Michelle Ancell, Media Specialist Assistant

Media Center

Angie Angeli, ELA
Kymberlee Gibbs, Social Studies

Sarah Golightly, ELA
Michael Green,Science

Janice Brannon, ELA

Heather Hutson, Math
Megan McAbee, Math
Cheryl Peterson, Social Studies

Sandra Seebeck, Social Studies

Clary Stapleton, Math

Jennifer Ullery, Science
Emily Wyatt, Science

6th Grade Teachers

Becky Allen, Math
Makisha Fowler-Miller, Math

Charles Griner, ELA
Kristi Harlow, Science

Nick Johnson, Social Studies

Cameron Kelly, Social Studies

Katie Morand, ELA

Kayla Short, Science

Angela Smith, Math
Anna Smith, ELA

Stephen Timmons, Social Studies

Stephanie Williams, Science

7th Grade Teachers

Vince Atkinson, Math
Charles Calvert, Science
Krista Carnes, Science
Amanda Cash, ELA/Read 180
Jessica Davis, Social Studies
Stephanie Donaldson, Science
Michael Guthrie, Social Studies
Laura Hall
, Math

Mitch Nix,  Social Studies

Nicole Scott, ELA
Kathy Stevens, ELA

Allison Walker, Math

8th Grade Teachers

Michelle Bailey, Dance

Leslie Biggerstaff, Keyboarding

Ryan Bishop, Drama

Jessica Collins, Physical Education

Cortney Dial, Orchestra

Savannah Griffith, Art

Tamesia Hill, Computer
Jarrod Mabrey, Band
Josh Mills, Lego Robotics

Clark Maxwell, Physical Education

Carlos Osorio, Physical Education
Ann Marie Wells Robinson, Chorus

John Stover, GTT

Emily Thompson, Art

Exploratory Teachers 

Laura Smith, Reading Coach

Aimee Jones, ESOL

Hattie Palafox, ESOL

Morgan Ward, Speech

Hannah Drew, Inclusion SPED

Jamie Hubbard, ID Self Contained
Jessica Peterson, ID Self Cotained

Alfred Pruitt, ID Self Contained

Carly Weld, ID Self Contained

McKenzie Blanton, Resource

Sarah Kate Chatel, Resource

Lynn Copeland, Assistant

Lovette Davis, Assistant

Dorthy Waters, Assistant

Merinda Sims, Assistant

Tabitha Mathis, Assistant 

Special Needs Teachers